Ladies, sometimes our husbands, do not understand where we are coming from. Men sometimes your wives don’t hear you; you sound like Ms. Othmar from Charlie Brown; wah wah wah wah wah

Knowing this ladies and gentlemen, you have created a brick wall in your marriage that must come down. BRING IT DOWN! You can’t have a meaningful, long-lasting intimate REAL relationship if this wall of communication is up and being built higher and higher.

Tear it down family, tear it down.

I say this because there is no point of rekindling any flames if you can’t see the wood. In order to love on each other you have to TOUCH, and that means touching the innermost points of your spouses emotions.

Sometimes we have to know that WE don’t matter, the other person does. Which also means that we have to bring down those crazy barriers of selfishness and LOVE like GOD loves US!

Okay, so you get it? Got it? Good! Now bring it down and love on your spouse!


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