We have to know that life is not about us. It is about the God in us. If we are walking with the LORD, we are giving AND receiving LOVE. Not pain. The pain on the inside can be so great that we don’t know how to make it LOOK on the outside. It could change our appearance from bright and vibrant, to dark and dull.

The pain on the inside will kill us eventually and take us out of this life that we have built so eloquently around each other. This pain is the telltale sign of bitterness infested in our hearts and souls where the Holy Spirit doesnt’ even fit in.

The pain that can only be healed by ONE. The one that keeps you everyday and the one that encourages you ALL THE TIME AND YOU DON’T SEE. The ONE is not your husband or wife, the ONE is God and He wants to take away the PAIN.

Why lean on the pain when at some point you will fall, and if you fall you will be struggling to get up. You may not even know how to get up. The pain cannot keep you. The pain is the enemy giving you that temporary closet to sit in and diminish your low self-esteem.

Stop feeding the pain. Stop looking at your husband or your wife, and start looking at God. His hand is stretched out to you, to keep you standing or pick you up.

The pain doesn’t have to set up temporary housing. Make room for the peace!


One thought on “The Pain

  1. Amen to that!!! Pain turns into so many others things like hatred, envy, anger, illness, anamosity, and all sort of things that are “not” of God. We must be careful not to fall captive of the tricks that the enemy throw our way as he only comes to steal, kill, and destroy every area of our life. The Lord comes to bring life…. that we may have it in abundance.

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