If you like Smooth Jazz tune into jazzradio.com. This is a great station, but it gives me more than a tune, or rythm. The music on this station takes me back to a time where no one else mattered but my spouse. My husband and I are children that were raised with all types of music. Rythm and Blues, Jazz, Blues and of course, in our adult years, Hip Hop and Rap.

Now that I prefer Gospel over most of it, I always find myself tuning into this one online jazz station. Just instrumental sounds coming over my computer that helps me remember the trips we took JUST THE TWO OF US, or the times we had and it was us and our children. How when the life of others was slowly getting in the way, well..okay.

So here I am trying to remember the good old days when all eyes were on each other. Ladies and gentlemen, put your eyes back on your spouse; remember the person you dated, the one you married, the vows you stated and before the GOD in heaven the promises you made.


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