Sometimes we get to a point in our lives where we are drained. We are on a roller coaster that never seems to stop. Yet one day, it will.

When you are drained you have to know that God intends for you to rest. You can’t work in ministry for MAN everyday and not get rest. You can’t be a wife, a mother, a sister and work your business or at your job and not get rest.

Don’t get drained. Don’t get life twisted and don’t give up.

Love is not to make you tired; tired of trying, tired of praying, or tired of life. Love should be so strong that it erases all things that hurt. When the hurt is more prevalent than the love, that’s where you start thinking about the what if’s and worry about the next day…and the day after. Draining….

When you think about locking your door…remember you can lock people OUT that need to be in OR you need to lock people out that shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

That is also draining if you are trying to figure that out. Stay focused on God and He will give you rest.


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