I can remember when I heard the song for the first time. I remember when he played the song over and over, and remember walking down the aisle to that SONG.

I remember when the love got lost and we tried so hard to make it right. I remember when the worries of others got in the way. I remember when…neither of us matter.

It’s hard to get through life when you always remember. Wether good or bad, you always remember the WHEN. What about the what if? Remember when you argued? What if you both had just SHUT UP? Remember when you tried to get advice from a parental figure? What if they would have just said we love both regardless? REMEMBER WHEN, the kids saw you everyday in every way and now they are confused, what if you would have put them first?

Remember when you said I DO and no one else mattered? What if you would have just kept that mentality? You wouldn’t be where you are now?

If you are still in it to win it as they say. Remember the when….and grab onto the why. You cannot let the troubles of the past mess up your future. You cannot let adult peer pressure help you lose someone you love.

Stop and look at the right now. If your right now is worth it..make new memories.


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