I am sitting here watching a great movie, but I must say, I caught the end before I saw the beginning. At one point one friend says don’t end up like me, fix it.

Well I want to say, FIGHT FOR IT. If your marriage is worth it, if there is something that is in there that makes you remember the day you met, the day you said I do, FIGHT FOR IT. Why not? What could you lose? A friend or two, a missing relative, maybe a little pride??? Yeah, well its all worth it, because it will still be there when your spouse dies. The point here, your spouse won’t….

So, FIGHT FOR IT. Give up what you look like, the embarrassing moments, what people will think, all that.

When you decided to say I DO, you did, to that other person. For better or for worse, and most times for worse, you said I DO. God never intended for you to say I do until you get fed up, or things don’t go your way.

OH WAIT…that’s it….you didn’t introduce God into your marriage. Hmmmm that may be the reason why you don’t know how to fight for your marriage; Got can’t help those who can’t HEAR.

Okay so let me say this, God has to be in the marriage. All in your bedroom (behind locked doors) in your dreams, directing your life and in your prayers. So yes, YOUR FAULT you didn’t send God an invitation your wedding. (even if you were married by a pastor)

So now what?

Well, you still have to pull it together, and fight for it. That’s your husband; that’s your wife. In all their imperfections they still love you.

Can I give you something to think about? Try this (and God forbid this happens again), but, consider Hurricane Katrina, if you were to lose everything, everything~~house, memories, etc. in something like Katrina,  but you still had each other, does that matter to you?  Is your spouse more important than the material things you have? If not, well, do whatever then, but if your spouse means more to you than your house and your car, FIGHT FOR IT!


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