As a woman, a wife, a speaker and a writer, I have decided to share with you (married couples) the one thing you need to remember….have SEX..anytime.

Yes, I said it . As God as my witness, as GOD as YOUR witness, have sex. Why? It’s a sharing of your body with your spouse. Okay, yes, this may be point blank and you may not understand it right now. You may not understand it right now in the middle of your financial discomfort, your job issues, your kids are screaming about the THINGS  you don’t have. OH NO, you may not understand it now, but you will, when you wonder why you just don’t connect anymore.

You don’t connect because you have been looking at the circumstances and wishing it would all just change. I would presume that you don’t recall the posting about sending a text or the one on fighting for it. Yes, you are to busy looking at the circumstances that you forgot to love. You forgot that love heals all things…and if you don’t LOVE, well then die. Just keep doing what you are doing and DIE, while living.

So what am I saying to those that don’t want to die. Jump their bones! Take it in the kitchen, the laundry room, the garage and yes…love it, enjoy it! Enjoy the scent of your spouse. Block out the negative bank account, the overflowing mailbox of past due bills, and forget the people that keep whispering in your ear.

Choose to do IT anytime.

When you choose to let your spouse and your family be your focus, the other stuff is not as important. You have to choose to be the one to love and love hard.

Of you could DIE while living, and lose.

(do it..anytime)


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