I am writing this to you today before the remnants of the lock on the door poetry book are long forgotten. Before the love that this book together is lost.

You have to ask yourself is love enough? Is it enough to struggle through the fights, the arguments, or the going to bed angry? Is it enough for the crying nights, the times without money and the problems with extended family.

Is love enough?

As a Christian, I look at what God has said about love. Yet, I had to take a step back and say, well did I put God IN IT? Did I put God in my marriage in the first place?

You see, the part about life we don’t understand is that it’s not about us. It’s about the God in us and if He’s not even in us, you can’t fathom if love is enough.

You can’t understand how God loved us so much that He sent His son to DIE FOR US. You can’t see that in your marriage you have to lay your own life down for your spouse.

I remember someone once told me that if a relationship is supposed to happen, it will, don’t force it. You can’t force love; it will come naturally especially if God is IN IT.

Is love enough?

It is….with God first and YOU second. Take the time to make sure that you are loving with the right heart, and make it work. FIX IT.


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