Okay it’s time ladies to face the facts. We all can’t have a big brother that we run too in our time of need. We need to run to our husbands. Why? They are our friends. There are some things we can’t tell our husbands, but that means we shouldn’t be telling others either.

We always feel like we can trust others; trusting those we know our whole lives. Right? Well, it can be detrimental to your health, or your future (or both) if you keep holding onto the big brother.

Let me say this, wives, you can’t replace the husband God has put in your life with someone like him, so when he’s gone he’s gone. Yet, your big brother, if he loves you with the love of the Lord, will respect your choices and be there for you if the chips fall.

Don’t expect the chips to fall, just know your friend will be there if they do.

All of you following this blog, may not even be Christian. That’s okay, the point is, whenever you decide to get right with God, you have already started the walk to right your marriage. The importance is to respect the boundaries of your marriage. If you do it, others will too. Love your husband like you love your shoes, hair, or handbag? Give him all the attention needed to get past certain obstacles in life.

Let him know that he is  most important after God. Then live your life in that, and all will be okay.


2 thoughts on “My Big Brother

  1. I love this! Although I am not yet married I still feel as though I can follow and apply once God blesses me with my husband. Boundaries are important in any relationship. It sets the tone. Thank you Dana for a great post!


  2. I agree even though I wasn’t blessed with a brother in the natural, I have many spiritual brothers in Christ… It is still the same to know boundaries when it comes to our husbands. Amen

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