This post is for all those women that are just a friend to the married men. It’s time you got your own best friend and leave the best friends of other women alone.

No, I’m not saying you can’t chat, catch up on old news or be a part of their lives. I’m saying for all the things THEIR man can do, YOUR man can too. If you get one.

Am I being bitter? No, I’m being honest. The bible says when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing. Well, let his good thing be her not you. It’s not even about the friendship, it’s about the respect for the wife. Her place is at his right side. If you always need a shoulder, someone to cut your grass, fix your door, or close your window, how is she on the right side of that everytime?

Better yet, how can a man find a good thing in you, if your best is shared with your friend? How can a man leave his parents and cleave to you if you are cleaving to someone else, that doesn’t even belong to you.

Yes, yes, the title is misleading. This is not for the men, this is for the ladies. Why? We have a better since of what is right, then they do. They don’t care,don’t see a problem with sharing THEIR BEST with everyone. Yet, the bible doesn’t tell us as husbands OR wives to share our best with the entire world.

Why not?

If we do that we have no energy to have heated SEX with our spouse! We have just worked hard with the rest of the world.

The other part of this friendship is that it could be life threatening. Nothing is happening in this friendship that is sexual, but the thought is sin enough. AND if the thought enters the mind of the woman, and she feels abused, used and trapped, she may go off and find that man that was looking at YOU! Or worse yet, she might get homicial tendencies for both of you.

So ladies, remember, what goes around comes around and it hurts worse on you in the end.


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