There was a time when nothing bothered me. I would just be me. Live for me; die for me. Yep, anything you did large or small wouldn’t bother me. Until, I fell in love with someone and the thought of being a part bothered me.


The thought of always being the girlfriend and never the wife. The part of the guys came first and I came second. Yes, those little things. There was a time when those little things took back burner for a short time. Long enough for me to marry, for me to go to higher heights in my education and for me to seek a better ending for my family. You know leave a legacy. Well, I didn’t consider that THOSE little things that I went after for my family were going to be the little things to tear US apart.

Because I loved him I let those things go; my dreams faded, my motivation died, my finances diminished (entirely different blog, so stay tuned) and those little things  that bothered me came back. Now, I sit, because I love him waiting on me to become more than a little thing. Waiting on the past to close its doors and shut it’s mouth on my present so my future can look bright.

Because I LOVE him, I pray and praise God for the struggles to rekindle that flame. Why?


Because I love HIM….I keep my eyes on HIM. I see where HE wants me to go.  I see that the little things will stay little things because they are all little things to HIM. It isn’t about the struggle, but the reaction to the struggle and the reality of knowing HE is in control of it all.

Because I loved HIM HE keeps me on track, bringing my dreams back to life and directing my steps. So, no matter what I look like to him ….HE loves me unconditionally with all my faults, mishaps, and mistakes.


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