If you are having troubles in your marriage…read this prayer:


Thank you Lord for all that you have done in my life. Thank  you LORD for my husband. We may have over stepped you when we got married or when we parted or when we fought, or when we made love before I do…, but now we are looking at you for YOUR help. Thank you LORD that you are in my life and I can hear your voice. No matter what, MY FATHER IN HEAVEN, I know you are still into miracles and are a way maker. I thank you God for the tests and trails…but GOD I ask you to forgive me for putting  ME first…forgive us for caring more about THINGS  than the life you wanted for us.


OH MY FATHER IN HEAVEN, I ask you to please keep watch over this marriage and help us to get past the struggles..to get past the hate, to get past the people, to get past the material things. God, we love you…and GOD, I still love him.

I murmured, I complained, FATHER please forgive me. Because I still love him. Please help us, stay with us.

Yes LORD…………thank you LORD…………


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