On Bended Knee was created because God told me to put it together. This is not some fly by night club; this group is going to get deep into your spirit and help you with your mind and emotions. We have to stand together as wives or we will fall for anything as women.

This club is online, offline, on the phone, and in your home. The ministry bringing this forth is deep within me, coming out one step at a time. I really want you to know, wives, that you can get all the help you need even in a great relationship, that you want. WIVES, maybe you can help another, this is your venue. This year these are our topics for the in-person/in-house events:

January: Meet and Greet: Who are you

Febraury: The Love of Your Life: You’re Married still right?

March: Never take YOU for granted….start with the LORD

April: Rain: Let the Lord’s love shower you both.

May: Ask, Seek Knock: What are you looking for?

June: Remembering why you got Married

July: Fireworks: Bring back the excitement in the bedroom

August: Back to School: Building Your Family

September: Labor of Love: What does it Mean

October: Take off the Masks: Lying is not for you..

November: Thankful

December: Give YOU as a gift

Please consider joining the group on facebook. It is entitled ON BENDED KNEE~~PRAYING WIVES CLUB

Bless you…


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