It’s funny how people will ready “the lock on the door” and think it’s only about sex when its about creating intimacy. Some marriages have gotten to complacent; they don’t know how to keep the flame burining. We have to start somewhere. I will never say get a porno, or do something illicit. I will say create an intimate time for you and your spouse.

Beach Love Couple Silhouette  What is that?

Tell your spouse you just need a hug or you just need a conversation.

Ask them to meet you for lunch or plan a nice dinner.

Do something unexpected!

Reserve a night at a hotel or go sightseeing in a nearby city.

The point here is to create intimacy so you don’t lose each other.

Intimacy is not just SEX.

No need to have sex in the middle of the day all the time ( but I’ll suggest that)! I’m not saying leave the sex out; I’m saying, pull it all together and do it all. Never get so lazy in your marriage that striving for intimate moments becomes a chore and having sex because exercise that isn’t even fun anymore.


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