Most women who walk with God have an ear to hear.  Right now, I”m in the middle of some choices that will take me back 14 years. I am in the middle of trying to pick myself up and I can’t hear God at all.

I am sitting hear listening to some great music wondering why I am not special in someone’s eyes? Why the people so dear to me don’t have a desire to help me? This is a life that any person in their right minds would just want to end. Well I don’t want to end it although I want it to be over. Ths is why I always want to help others.

You can’t be me. You can’t be in a position where you can’t hear. You have to always stay spiritually alert. Never be me, standing with nothing trying to give something. Never be in that place.

I can wright about my life, because it is a teaching tool for others to get their lives on track. I believe God for everything, but I also know that we can get in the way, which will also block our hearing.  You have to know that if God is for you, who can be against you?

Well a lot of people, but its the strength that you have with and IN Him that keeps you from seeing all those against you or to deal with it better.

If you have read my recent book, No Longer a Victim, you will know that I’m a fighter. I’m the one that throws the first punch. When you get tired of even fighting, you can’t hear or SEE. So what do you do? You keep trying.

Although right now, I can’t hear, I know God hears me and HE hears you. Stay focused on what you need to do for HIM and HE will handle the rest. YES IT’S HARD TO DO, but let God IN……

Be HOT or cold..but not LUKEWARM.



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