I posted on the On Bended Knee Praying Wives group  ( on Facebook) that a woman has been praying for her husband for over 26 years to find the LORD. She has hope, after all these years. She is not giving up. Yet, let me say this. She not only has hope, she has love. Even though her husband is not saved YET, she has hope for him. As the sanctified wife she sacntifies her husband. I truly try to believe the same things about my own marriage, but I also have to know that my light doesn’t always shine. YET, I still have hope no matter what.

The importance in this is that we know that God is able, no matter where we are; why? We walk with HIM; HE talks to His children and gives them a choice to be with HIM after all is said and done.

Never give up!

Leaning on God is the most important thing we can do in our marriages. When we lean on Him we know that He is truly able and that we trust Him. That’s how we can help our spouses see HIM in our lives. We can trust completely in GOD, HE will bless us. Never give up hope, you have a place in line if you trust.


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