I have a feeling of so much love in my heart right now, no one knows what I am going through to keep it sane and plain today. The love in my heart I have for my husband is stronger today for some reason than it was the day I first told him I loved him. As I think about our 12 year history (married and not) I remember that my life is living for us.

It’s time I tell you something husbands and wives: LIVE FOR YA’LL!

(picture from 3-b-s. eu)

Its time you forgot about everyone else and do things for yourselves. One thing that God is going to say when you get to judgement day is whether or not you did it all for your first ministry.

Don’t be me; I didn’t do it all. I truly fooled myself into thinking that all that a I wanted to do for my family was going to happen through my business. In the past year, God has shown me that it is going to be through my obedience in building HIS kingdom and developing the ministry that will help my family in more ways than one.

Money is not the object.

Love is.

Promotion is not the object.

Elevation in the spirit is.

It’s important that the first ministry, the marriage, are placed as number one then all the rest can be done later. One thing I hate is that neither my husband or I had the lessons on how to put OUR MARRIAGE first. Family is one thing..marriage is another. Two willing people can make it together when the have the chapters in their book of life in the right order. Right order also means being right with God.

I am the sanctified wife that forgot about my light and how it can help my husband. I forgot to live for US. Don’t be me; live for YA’LL. Talk to your husband or your wife right now; text, email, call, whatever you need to do to let them know that your #1 is them…after God.


(picture from Opposing Views Website)


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