There is nothing more painful than being hurt by someone you love. Someone you truly love that won’t even take the time to understand who you are. I have been there; a few times! I have been the victimizer and nothing is worth the pain. NOTHING! You have to decide that no matter where you are you have to forgive in order to be forgiven. You also have to know when you are wrong.


The point of forgiveness is to get past what has happened and move forward. Yes, I know that saying I’m sorry over and over for the same things is not a pretty picture and not easy for the person you are hurting. I feel that sincerity in apologizing is something between you and God, my job is to forgive and vice versa. The bible says to be ye angry but sin not…that means you cannot keep going off the deep end just because you are mad. That means pull it together or you will regret what you have said or done. The bible also says that you should forgive 70 x 7..which means forgive over and over and over.

Forgiving it all.

Thats what you have to do in any relationship; especially in a marriage. Why? Your first ministry, if you know the Lord, is your marriage. You have to desire a great home life you have to want God to come in and wash every wrong; forgive others and ask for forgiveness.

Now asking for forgiveness is an entirely different story. Why? People who KNOW God feel like they are justified NOT to forgive. Yet, people that have a relationship with God know how important their salvation is later for what they do now. I find it easy to forgive, but hard to be in your face. Many ups and downs in marriages and the struggle to stay sane is hard. Yet, if you love someone you don’t hurt them. As a matter of fact, what is love? What is biblical love? Not the emotion you think you have when you have sex, what is love according to the word of God, because that’s what HE’s going to ask when you get to the end of the line, believe THAT.

So, why you study what LOVE truly is, forgive your spouse. Forgive them and ask God to help you move forward. Its up to you to do that and do it right. Its also up to you to leave what ever happened where it lays; right at the altar of forgiveness. Since you aren’t going to better forgive.



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