There is a time when sex is just not the option. When you choose to love someone, you stay in love and you make love together. In the world you can have SEX with anyone, but you can only make love to one person.

What do you want to do? Spread yourself around to others, or SHARE yourself with one?

Making love gives you the connection you need with your wife or husband. You can’t deny them whats theirs..and thats you! I don’t care how mad you might get…making love changes it all, because you choose to love each other.


OH WHAT? YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT SAINTS HAVE SEX? Let me open the door to that!

The sweet connection of a husband and wife is so much better than an early morning booty call or a late night fling after the club with someone you hardly know.

Hey quick question: when was the last time you actually made love? When was it NOT planned? In the shower?..the hallway?…when did you spontaneously showed your spouse..its time..I miss you..I love you..I’m IN LOVE WITH YOU..and I’m not too mad to make love right now!!


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