To the husband I love…over and over

Its been so long this world we live in that I just thought I would stop by and say hello. Give you a token of my appreciation for you in my life and and being your wife. The ups and downs, and obstacles, its funny that my love endures and covers you everyday. I miss the relationship………

I thank God for where He is taking us. For where we are going in HIM that is more important than the people around us. I am so encouraged by the strength and push that God gives me..and I share that with you.


In my prayer time, I remember to speak those things that arent’ as though they are, and ask the devil to get back behind us as we go forth. No matter what today looks like, my dear husband, I’m committed to you. No matter what people think, I don’t give up on GOD, because HE doesn’t give up on me or us. No matter what you do, He is in control, no matter what I say HE is in control. The enemy can make either one of us jump ship if he wants to..but the enemy is NOT in control.

I just want you to know that the intimacy we share is more than sex, its’ more than kisses in passing; it is history.

The love we share is a deep connection for our future…and snipets from our past. I will never let go of what God has given me. The future holds so much, and we only have today to be concerned with!  In our lives we have time to renew, and regroup…restore and recover, ….husband..are you with me?

Just close your eyes…and hear the voice of God…

Love your Wife……


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