Sometimes you never know the heart is hurt until some thing comes to you and reminds you. There are times where people will never know where you are in the hurting of your heart because you have learned to hide it so; you have learned to shut out that pain. That love within is so deep and needs to be expressed or there will be bitterness. Please understand that the love of your life is your husband or your wife. You might have gotten married under the wrong pretenses, but God honors marriage and as long as you stay, He will teach you the way. There will never be the perfect marriage. Adam and Eve blamed each other, and they were the first, right? The love within…

I have looked at my life and remembered everyday why I still love, why I fall in love, why I stay in love with my husband. Its not about money, or material possessions; its not about anything on this earth, its about my choice to love. The many things love is NOT, there is one thing LOVE IS and thats within; within your heart to be shared with your spouse. Stop putting them second to everything and everyone. The only first person in your life is God. Stop acting like they are not what you expected and forcing yourself out of love and BE INLOVE…love again…from within…


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