It has been almost two years since I publish ‘the lock on the door’ intimate poetry for the married and I have learned so much about intimacy in my own home that its funny.

I have looked at the wives I have been ministering to and what God has me doing in this time and there is so much to share. In the past two years, I have hurt and been hurt; I have settled and loved; I have walked and I have crawled. I tell you that as a wife you have to decide you are going to walk with God no matter what your husband does and as a husband you have to decide the same, and push the guys out of your ear.

In two years, I have literally handed my life over to the one thing that change the circumstances and that is GOD. I have worked hard at what HE wants me to do, and tried to keep myself out of the way. In two years I have become humble.

As wives we cannot be foolish, and we cannot say what we want to say. We have to walk in love and do what is right. There is not time for games. As we hae entered into 2012, please leave all the garbage of 2011 in 2011!!! You don’t have time to walk in any foolishness and lose your marriage. Remember you reap exactly what you sow and you don’t want to go there.

In two years, I have learned that I can’t and will not do it alone.  God is with me; He controls it all. In almost two years, I have learned this great lesson.


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