There are times during my day that I hear a certain song and remember why I love my husband; its not about what he does, but who HE is; its not about what he buys, but what HE gives. I love him because of the love HE gave me.

I’m falling in love again, because HE allowed me a second chance. It was never about things, it was about feelings and I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t even walk in my feelings until I redidicated my life to HIM. He loved me enough to fight for me years and years ago, that even right now, while I remember the love for him, He fights for us both. The strength HE gives me, sometimes I don’t feel it..but I keep trying to see and grasp on to what I know.

I’m falling in LOVE again.

I’m nervous. I’m scared…I’m challenged, but I’m walking.

I want you to look at your spouse right now and remember WHY YOU GOT MARRIED not where you have been doing since then and allow HIM to help you fall in love again.

(who is the Him?..GOD)


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