Part I written in the voice of the husband

 from the perspective of the wife.

Part II written in the voice and

perspective of the wife.

Minister Dana Neal, Family 4 You

Breakthrough Ministries

©    I married her to change her

©    I never considered her for anything

©    I never put her first

©    I never helped her in her feelings

©    My mother meant more than my wife ever had

©    My family history was more important than my marriage

©    My friendships outweighed her missing me

©    I put my emotions on blast not considering hers


I expected her to appreciate me while I never appreciated her

©    I expected her to understand me and go with what I wanted

©    I never considered her even in her strength

©    Now, I’m living my life and she’s living hers

©    We’re both single while married

©    I didn’t separate from my parents

©    I didn’t allow her to be an important part of my life

©    I didn’t respect her spirituality

©    I never, I didn’t, and I , I , I

©    I put my wife on back burner for the life I wanted to have in my minds eye, not the life I should have wanted with her.

©    I did everything wrong from the beginning

©    I thought of me

©    I lowered myself respect

©    I didn’t exercise self control

©    I tried to understand

©    I knew I wasn’t enough

©    I victimized myself

©    I physically fought for recognition

©    I physically fought for my life

©    I made a fool of myself

©    I didn’t respect his family values

©    I de-valued my children; my family

©    I loved hard

©    I never stopped loving

©    I loved God

©    I challenged him

©    I cared more than he did

©    I was put on back burner

©    ….Then I got with God and the burner doesn’t matter


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