Every day there is a divorce or someone considering divorce around the world. You can’t do what you did, or try again and again, so you decide to give up. What happens then? What happens when you’ve cried over the time wasted? What do you do when you are all out of strength to even cry? I don’t know what happens but I’m encouraging to do one thing for yourself and for your family.

Don’t Cry No’ More

It’s not worth the energy you need to build up the YOU that was lost. It’s not worth the time you need to lean on GOD and let HIM handle whatever is happening. You can’t keep crying. Let God renew your strength to go forward. I will never be one to say to you get a divorce and walk away. I will be the one to say stand for your marriage in the devil’s face but stop crying!

Don’t Cry No’ More

Keisha Cole said it best in one of her songs when she said LOVE WON’T LET YOU WALK AWAY, and it won’t. Real love hurts; real love won’t let you be selfish; real love will tell you to wait on GOD and believe. Real love will also say while you’re waiting on the LORD…praise and pray…don’t cry no more!

Enough from Pastor D get on with your marriage.



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