I just wanted to stop in and share a few words with the husbands and wives today that may help you love on each other and then help someone else.


It is very unhealthy to live with unforgiveness. Actually, this isn’t REALLY a word. You can try to hide the pain that the person has caused you but when you go to bed at night, that lie you’re telling yourself, will eat away at your life; your head hurts, you lack sleep, your kidneys, you stomach, ulcers! You keep running to the doctor about what’s wrong, when WHAT’S WRONG IS IN WHAT YOU WONT DO. You can take every over the counter drug or prescription medicine on the market, but if you are walking in unforgiveness you can count on a serious BREAKDOWN OF LIFE.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but hey, you are giving the devil all the props with that unforgiveness. You are committing spiritual suicide and are walking around like you don’t care if you die. You are giong into debt running t the doctor or the hospital when all you have to do is TRULY let it go..LET GOD and forgive the other person. The only one hurting in the end is you! You can surround yourself will YES MEN AND PEOPLE THAT AGREE WITH YOU but guess what…in the end, YOU CAN’T TAKE THEM WITH YOU TO THE GRAVE..and you WON’T HAVE THEM WITH YOU AT JUDGEMENT DAY.

PLEASE, forgive forgive forgive….or die.

Let me add, if you have unforgiveness with your spouse, you are allowing the devil to hold your marriage hostage!


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