I was watching a movie I probably shouldn’t be watching, but ohhhh well. Nothing pornographic just a love story about some vampires…sooooo now you know. I have some addictions, but God is helping me. 

Anyway, the blog is about you..your marriages. Rekindle that fire. Seriously. I was watching this movie and thought, how many of us, in real life, have a man that loves us so much, would put US (errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk stop hold up: ladies, i share your pain, but men, I share yours too we all need someone; men and women alike, we need someone..okay back to the post) FIRST before their thirst. 

hmmmm we dont have that.

We need to be the spouse that would the other before MAMA, DADDY, but never before God. We need to be the spouse God intended for us to be..CLEAVING TO OUR HUSBANDS OR WIVES LIKE THE BIBLE SAYS. 

Rekindle that fire that brought you together. It wasn’t money. It wasn’t fame. It was something that made you say I do. (eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkk Stop again: I’m talking to the ones that didn’t wait on God to point out THE ONE; the one’s that WAITED..are trying to put some water on the fire, if you know what I mean) Okay so, we have to remember our vows; remember the love and press pass the lust. 

I’m reaching out to all of you because even if you didn’t wait on the Lord, He honors your marriage and will keep it, help you to keep it, if you both strive to stay in the place that is RIGHT-EOUSNESS (I meant to spell it like that).

So, take a minute, say a prayer, ask, seek, knock..and rekindle that FIRE. 

Doesn’t hurt to pick up a book of poetry for the married either!


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