It has been 10 years and almost one month since I had my wedding. Ten years, have past and it is truly something to see and understand when people say marriage takes work.

When I first wrote ‘the lock on the door’, I was compiling poetry that were more like my emotions as a wife for my husband. I also tried to put into words, or rhyme, the emotions my husband had for me.

Time changes everything. I remember…

I remember when we first met. I remember our first fight. I remember our first everything. I remember in the past few years, how what he expected from the HIM marrying ME, was not what I expected for the life here after. When you love someone with all your heart and soul, you remember, what they can’t or wont.

I remember going south and not wanting to come back. I remember how exceptional he was for everyone. I remember how people looked/look up to him. I remember how he spoke of me; I remember….

There are times in your marriage where you will want to run; sit back and remember. Husbands, and wives, the one thing they wont tell you in marriage counseling is that if you can’t let GOD LEAD YOU IN YOUR LIFE YOU ARE DESTINED FOR FAILURE.

Remember that God is in control. Ten years and almost one month to the day…I remember…


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