Your spouse should be your loudest cheerleader. When your spouse encourages you, the other people are a non-factor.

The problem with supporting and encouraging each other, is that most people don’t want to support what is strange. I have been a victim of that, but I never stopped being the voice behind my husband. (He doesn’t realize that yet.)

What I’m saying to you is:

if your wife wants to sell black roses on ebay, don’t discourage her in doing that.

If your husband wants to write a book on the 10 wonders of why you shouldn’t get married while also sharing with others that he is happily married don’t discourage him in doing that.

As long as it doesn’t take you away from your God given role in the community, or causes either of you to sin (or others) in any way, support one another. Your success comes from the personal strength you have together.

Dana Neal



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