When you got married, you stood at the altar saying your vows knowing that you were in it to win for the long haul. You wanted to give your spouse the best and last years of your life. (Every year is the last year of your life.)

So, daily you should strive to remind yourself and your spouse that you would never leave them. Write it down on the back of a picture of HIM OR HER, and keep it with you. Have something to look at while in the car, or at the office. Never forget what you promised when saying your wedding vows, and what you said in front of all those people that special day.

No, you can’t give up because you fight everyday. No you can’t change your mind because he eyes wandered once. No, you just can’t go back on your word, because that would make you a liar. Do you want to be a liar, or a lover to one person? When you pick up your copy of the lock on the door, you have to realize that those are words you share with only one person, and that is your spouse. Not your boo, not your bae, and not your side piece.

Let your husband, or your wife know that you will never leave them. You love them and want to see them live a long life with you!

Dana Neal



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