God created us to be exactly what we need to be for HIS GLORY, and our good. Some of us are called to be married as well. The gifts and talents on the inside of us are what makes us who we are; not everyone is the Proverbs 31 woman and not every man is Boaz.

You can’t be changed once you get married or even start courting. You are exactly whom God made you to be. That means, you should walk and act like KINGS AND QUEENS, black or white, Asian or Indian. You are the best with all your imperfections.

There is nothing wrong with having issues, and imperfections, but what is wrong, is when you try to change the person you are now married to because they didn’t fit your mold. Check yourself right away; God said this is your wife/husband. That means you aren’t perfect apart, you are perfect together.

You are whom God called you to be for THEM!

Dana Neal



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