When you have God in your life before you get married, you know that you are on track to be blessed, to be used, and to grow on many spiritual levels.

IF you’re married and you’re just learning how to walk with God, you must walk as one. So as you read this affirmation, understand that the path you walk as the husband or the wife, you’re waking together.

IF the Lord has called you to be a minister or to start a business, or to leave your 9-5, you have to do it on ONE ACCORD. You can’t be #bad (blessed, anointed and destined), if you can’t consider your spouse.

What exactly is the path? What exactly is your confirming word of that path? What will you do together to obtain that confirming word?

Consider the love you have for each other and say to each other, I WILL WALK WITH YOU ON THE PATH GOD HAS FOR US.

God bless

Dana Neal




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