I find myself pretty attractive. I’m not being conceited, I’m just being openly honest.


Over the weekend, I found myself on the receiving end of a compliment that I didn’t know how to take well. Even afterwards, I found myself blushing and repenting. Today I had an epiphany that helped me realize something about me that I thought I was delivered from; I have a problem in my own skin.

I’m married. Until the ink dries on that level I’m still married.

You see, the person who gave me a compliment, I know they are aware I’m married;  I think they think I missed the compliment as general conversation, but I didn’t. What I saw is that I was blushing, and I said thank you, but I also felt like, I hope he don’t like me.

TODAY, the epiphany, said something different. 

God said to me DANA, I can’t send you your KING until, the ink dries, AND you CAN’T ACCEPT WHO YOU ARE, and HOW I MADE YOU, flaws and all. 

I almost fainted. When you have a relationship with God that allows you to hear and know HIS VOICE completely, when He speaks you can’t even run. You, I, have to think, study, cry, and praise.

The lesson

If you have a problem with you, your spouse will have a problem with you. This is where you REAP what you SOW gets real deep. You must LOVE YOU, so that your spouse can LOVE YOU AS YOU LIKE YOU DO. (keep up here folks) There is nothing more gratifying than a man that loves a woman despite her flaws.  A woman that loves a man that does NOT have chiseled abs.

I learned that I must be able to blush, smile, and accept the compliments about me outer physique, because my inner man matches that; flaws and all, I’m blessed and, yes, I’m attractive to myself and others.

God bless!


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