OK, so here is a spoiler alert: If you haven’t purchased the Damia Willis, FBI series, you need to today! Why?

Damia has a love interest, Reed Lovell, and they two get married. Reed loves Damia so much, he is IN LOVE with her so deep, that he wants to get to know GOD BETTER to have a great relationship with Damia. What he learns in his building his relationship with God that he wants to serve God whether they marry or not. Reed knows that he walks in the calling GOD HAS FOR THEM which is much more than just marriage.

This is how you should be in your marriage. Understand what God has called you both to do which is more than just being married to each other, and more than just working a job. Your marriage is a ministry in itself; a testimony for others to see without you ever saying a word.

What are you walking in, in your marriage? What do you want the world to know? It should be what God  has for you both!

Dana Neal




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