I have GOT to talk to the LADIES right now!

It is the weekend, but your husband works. He’s up and out of the house by 7:00 a.m.What are you doing? Sleeping? Thinking about the things you need to get done this weekend, but you haven’t left the bed and its actually 11:00 already?

How are you the Queen if you aren’t treating your home like the palace? Look around; are the dishes from last night’s dinner still on the table in your room? Are the clothes you threw off last night still on the floor? What about the master bathroom? Sink and tub washed? What about the shower doors? What about the kitchen?

Wait just wait, what about the bed? Why are you still in bed if he’s at work?

Get your house in order! 

There is so much that needs to be done to keep your house as a home. Just a few touches here and there even if you have a maid service, make sure some things are in order. If you work from home and need to meet a quota EVERYDAY, then make sure you hit the ground running and have the done before he gets in; why? You need to spend time with your king as well.

See the next blog for getting you in order on the weekend for you King!

Dana Neal





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