Here is another love letter from Anthony to Sabrina that he wrote for her on their wedding day.

In everything that I desire today, I want you to know that it wasn’t your beauty that attracted me to you. It wasn’t your smile, or your eyes, your lips or your physique. Sabrina, it was your character, your work ethic, your desire to serve the LORD, no matter the cost. It was your care for us at the FBI and especially my friend Damia. Sabrina it was everything you did for others that attracted me to you. This very day, under God, I know that you and I will live and die together. We will increase in the things of God together; we will SERVE THE LORD, in the FBI, together. We will meet each other for just hugs and kisses, like Reed and Damia do all the time (you can laugh here). I will love you every day, but on this day, I HONOR YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE, and WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, that has caused me to be attracted to you. I love you Sabrina and on this day, I’m yours.

God bless

Dana Neal



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