When I wrote the lock on the door (christian poetry), I was still in the first few years of my marriage. I was a praying wife, who knew how to love on her husband. There are things you just keep between you and him.

What I wish, right now, is if I could go back in time, and change how things started to go south in the relationship. There were times I fought for myself even though bills were paid, house was clean, kids were fed; wife was not happy. When you are at a point where someone should love on you, the way you have loved on so many for years…well none the less, if I could go back in time, right?

The journey you take as a spouse should be a great one, if you were taught how to get to that point. I didn’t know the Lord, as I do now, when I got married; I knew I wanted to be right, I knew nothing about righteous.

The Behind the Veil: Preparing for Marriage Journal is a one where you, wives, can document your journey on being right, righteous, loving, and ready for your KING. You are a queen by the way. 


When I first got engaged many women, that had been married longer than me, shared their insight, experiences, etc. If I had a journal to document my road to the wedding the things I would be able to share with my daughter, and granddaughter in their future. It is so vital to have a relationship with the Father and have Him direct your path to HOLY MATRIMONY.

Journal release date is September 16th, 2015. The pre-order cost includes CD of my personal journey to the next level of where God is taking me.
Pre-Orders end August 31st with a limited number of 40 available. baddneal@gmail.com

I encourage you to pre-order your journal, or get it as a gift for someone who is just dating/courting and wants to hear from God before she says ‘I Do’. The journey is a blessing no matter how hard, or how many challenges you may face.

If I could go back in time, I would; in time to make different choices on my journey.

Dana Neal




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