You have been hearing from Anthony but not Sabrina; it’s time you had a chance to hear her heart as well.

My love, 

In all my life, I wanted to be a woman that was honored and respected by a man that knew my worth, and if he didn’t know, he took the time to find it. I didn’t want a man like my father on earth I wanted a man that was like my FATHER IN HEAVEN. When you first came here you were rough around the edges and challenged in the things of God, but the more you worked with OUR Damia, because she is OURS, you found God and HIS way more appealing. Anthony, you allowed God to truly change you and make you to what HE wanted you to be; I am forever grateful to God for you. 

When He brought us together it was like we had been friends for so long; we just clicked. I pray for you and ask God to continue to help you grow, but today I thank and praise Him for making you my king. There is no other person that I would live the rest of my life with than you. Today, in front of all these people we say WE DO, and Anthony, WE DO. WE do love God. We do love each other. We do work hard for the kingdom, and WE do honor the covenant God is cultivating in us. 

I love you, 

Your Queen

Dana Neal




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