There is nothing like the love of a praying husband; the love of a king to his queen. No matter comes about the one WHO goes to the throne of grace to intercede for his wife. That is love.

In the middle of the day, she was asleep; taking a much needed nap after long travels from the Bahamas to Ethiopia. He walked in their quarters, and just stared at her. He knew he married this woman for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer and to lead in ministry with her as God so directed. Yet, as she slept, he thought only of his love for her and how he would do anything to protect her. He sat on the edge of the bed and admired her beauty; not the beauty of her face, or her body, but the beauty of God within. The love he had swelled on the inside of him. He admired her boldness, and her care for others. He touched her thigh and she stirred in her sleep. ‘You will never be alone; I will always be here.’ He said to her knowing only God could hear him. He got on the bed and laid next to her pulling her close. HE started to pray: ‘My Father in heaven, if it be your will and your purpose for our lives, keep us together to do the work for your kingdom; keep us together to be a testimony for all. Father I ask you to keep her safe, and give her peace as you have lead her, lead us this far. Father God I ask you to protect us, our team, the ministry, and our families near and far. I love her Lord. I don’t want to ever lose her. In spirit you prepared me to be her king; and now, in the natural you have crowned us both. Thank you father, in Jesus name. Amen’

She whispered, ‘Amen, my love; I love you my King. I love what God has done to you and for us.’ Turning towards him, she too felt a rekindling of love and desire only for her husband. ‘The three of us will do this; God, you and me.’ They hugged and kissed until they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Reed and Damia

(c) 2015, B.A.D. 


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