When I wrote Damia Willis, FBI, I never intended for it to be so real, so fulfilling, and so PROPHETIC. Yet, IT IS. I also never thought I would find my creativeness to build a loving relationship between a husband and wife as I have with Damia and Reed.

See MARRIED CHRISTIANS love deeply, too; you’ll only see it in the pages of a books. Mine at least.

“You are so wrong.” She said to him; returning his kisses. 

“Why?” He said pulling her close moving his kisses to her neck. 

“I need to finish, my shower.” She whispered as he moved his hands up and down her back. 

“Finish.” He said lifting her up ever so slightly covering her mouth with his. As she held on to his neck returning his kisses, he reached behind him and turned the water off. 

“What are you doing?” She asked, never opening her eyes. He picked up her and backed out pushing the shower door open. 

“Finishing.” He told her. She opened her eyes looking at her husband and saw he was looking at her as he walked into their bedroom, “I love you.” He said as he laid her wet body down on the bed. Damia felt like she was on clouds as her body got comfortable in the plush comforters of their massive bed in what was now their castle.

Planting kisses on the length of her body, he paused as he got closer to her face.

“Reed…” She said breathlessly. 

“Babe…” He answered just as breathless allowing all of his weight to cover her. He rolled on his side and pulled her close feeling like he would explode. Laying her head on the pillow Reed never let go of her. Damia wrapped her legs around his waist as they became one. 

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh, man…” He said enjoying the feeling of his wife; savoring the moment of a great end to a wonderful day. 


“Hmmmm…” Reed took a moment to look at his wife and recognized this was the moment he longed for; the moment that she let go only for him. Not losing his rhythm, the thoughts in his head ran to where would he be without her. “Shhhhh…not yet.” 

“I…Uhmm….okay.” Damia squeezed him as he tried to get away.

“My God…” Reed moaned.

Damia let her head fall back, she smiled and thought, Get’s him every time.

“That’s just so not fair…” He whispered in her ear continuing his pace with a slight bit of intensity bringing Damia out of her victory thoughts.


“hmmmm…hmmmm…yes..” He pulled her closer to him planting kisses on her neck and shoulders. 

“I’m ….uhmmm..”

“I know, Babe,..” He was trying to contain himself, but the extreme intimacy of the moment with his wife in this massive bed got the best of him. Feeling like a twenty year-old he increased his pace and could no longer think. 

“Reed, I cant…”

“Don’t…don’t hold back.” He looked at her; her eyes were shut tight. The wetness of her body, no longer water, but sweat glistened under the moonlight that came through the window, “Don’t you dare hold back.” He whispered.

Damia felt a wave of ecstasy come over her body. “Oh my…Reed.”

“Yes, Damia, now….my GOD..NOW!” Squeezing her waist, as she squeezed him, he released his love but never took his eyes off his wife’s face. She bit her bottom lip, and arched her back to get closer to her husband; her eyes still closed releasing her love with him. 

He softened his grip on her waist, and she relaxed her body onto the bed. Reed pulled the covers over them with one hand and pulled her close with the other. For what seemed like hours they just stared at each other; each thinking of where they would be if they had said no to the Lord. 

“So this is what true love is?” Reed asked. 

“I hope so, or we’re in trouble.” Damia answered. 

Laughing at her Reed said, “This is true love, babe. I’m sure, with God, it gets better.” 

“I’m sure, too.” She said before they both fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

Reed and Damia

(c),2015 and 2016

Dana Neal




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