Lately we’ve been talking about a few characters in my book Damia Willis, FBI. It has been a great time giving you the insights that may or may not be in the book. Today I want to talk about the voice behind the voice of Damia Willis, FBI: MY OWN.

I started writing Damia Willis about this time last year. I wasn’t ready to do fiction in any form let alone Christian Fiction, but it’s done. Now that is October, 2015, I see what God was doing for me, in me, through me, and ALSO, answer the question: WHY ME.

The voice: 

Damia is a woman handling spiritual business on the front-line with a team of people that God handpicked for her. Damia is not your everyday, every Sunday, create a conference ministry leader, or soft spoken fearful woman. She has a power that people are looking for, but don’t see. She is the Proverbs 31 woman that is exceptional in all that she does for God, the ministry, and her colleagues in the gospel. Damia is an example of what has been missing in our lifetime.

 The Voice behind the Voice: 

Well obviously, the voice is mine, but so is the life.



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