The circumstances I’m currently in has me learning how to be the wife no matter what; my king is coming as soon as this challenge is completed.

I’m going through a divorce. We agree. We’re friends. We’re cool. It is never IT IS WHAT IT IS; things happened and there you have it.

Right now, I’m learning that I knew how to be the wife 50% of the way with one person and now in training to obtain and apply the other 50%. I am learning how to be the wife.

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The wife is not so submissive she says nothing; she is so detailed and under God’s instruction in her SINGLENESS that she knows how to apply what she has learned, to benefit her husband, the king, and build her family.

Being the wife is no easy task especially if you don’t have anyone to teach you about it. I didn’t have anyone when I first got married; my mother was divorced and, at the time, engaged for over 15 years. Who does that? Well she did.

Long story short, being the wife is a lot more than just saying I DO. It is:

  • accepting things you may not accept as a single person
  • loving someone that is hard to love
  • being loved when you’re had to love
  • staying exciting when you’ve been challenged
  • keeping folks out of your business.

Be the wife!

Proverbs 14:1New King James Version 

14 The wise woman builds her house,
But the foolish pulls it down with her hands.

Dana Williamson-Neal

The wife




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