I have been writing the vision for B.A.D. for a few days now; I have just put the finishing touches on the third draft as I write this blog. In building the B.A.D. brand, I realize that my future king has to have an understanding of the business side of me. It can’t just be I’m an entrepreneur, it has to be WELL WHAT DO YOU DO DEAR? I immediately thought about what was lacking in my marriage (the one that is being desimated), and what I need to do. In those thoughts it dawned on me (thank you Holy Spirit) that I needed to continue to walk in love for my ex (soon to be) and not hold in my mind the lack of support or understanding he didn’t have. Why? Because he is a child of God as I am a child of God and as a B.A.D. Queen I need to walk in integrity even for the one I’m leaving.

Listen the message below:

Dana Neal


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