I have been working on my Damia Willis, FBI series (volumes 6 and 7) for a few weeks now; I have discovered something so intimate about myself that I thank God HE put this project in my hands.


I found that I love me. I Love me so much all of my flaws are minor. I found that the flaws MAKE ME who I am. I found, in the prophetic revelation, that every part of me someone has been waiting on; in the middle of a failed marriage someone has been waiting on me. (and maybe not)


I found true love in me; I fell in love all over again with myself. I can’t explain waking up in the morning and feeling like I have just had mad passionate love with my king, but that’s how I feel. The excitement of having LIFE again in a day that isn’t promised to me, I thank GOD, I smile, AND I tackle the day with the instructions given me in my sleep.

  • When I shower I fall IN LOVE with me.
  • When I brush my teeth I fall IN LOVE with ME
  • When I dress, I fall IN LOVE WITH ME.

True love is when you accept you for who you are without any exceptions, THEN, your real king or queen that God has for you will show up and accept you as well. True love IN YOU will open doors for TRUE LOVE TO SEE YOU.



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