Below is an interview with the men of Damia Willis that may or may not be in the books for 2016. There may be a special, I won’t tell; either way, this is good and very intriguing to say the least.


Shannon O’Connell interview with Peter King, Anthony Bishoff and Reed Lovell.

“Gentlemen, we know that all of you are friends and were married within months of each other. We know that all of you work together at B.A.D. LLC with your wives; can you tell us how that works for you as newlyweds.”

“Works for us?” Anthony said chuckling; thinking, this woman knows nothing about our work.

“Yes, work, well-” Reed laughed as well looking at Peter and Anthony. Peter just laughed with his head in his hands.

“Ma’am, we are nothing without our wives.” Anthony said.

“Right!” Peter and Reed exclaimed.

“We are in God ordained marriages that cannot be explained simply.” Reed said.

“Why is that?” Shannon asked.

“Well, God brought Jasmine and I together in a matter of months; He put Reed in a place to love on Damia BUT get his life right over the years, and Anthony, well, Anthony fell in love with the God in Sabrina. That history right there with all of us is another interview in itself.”

“Well, okay then. But what about work, how do you all determine who does what, where and why?”

“Well, my wife, Damia, established B.A.D. in the states, and went to the Bahamas to create a division in order for the business to be fully accessible globally. She and I run that office with Anthony and Peter.”

“Then, we established one here in London; Jasmine and I run this one with Anthony and Reed. Although we have another division in Italy we all run it together with the other leaders there-”

“Leaders? You mean bosses?” Shannon asked.

“Yes ma’am”

“We have established another division in Ethiopia where Sabrina and I run it but closely hand in hand with Reed and Damia-“

“Because of their nobility there?”


“BUT, we know Anthony and Sabrina can handle it, and none of us do anything without Peter.”

“I’m sure you do. What is it like to be newly married Peter and Anthony?”

“It’s amazing; having someone in my life that God put there is such a blessing.”

“My first marriage at 53, I’m so ecstatic about what God is doing in us and for us.”

“Having been married before, did you have any advice for your friends, Mr. Lovell?”

“They were there for me and Damia in so many ways all I had for them was to love their wives and put them first after God. To tell you the truth, I knew God put these couples together; I had no advice for my friends.”

“Amazing! I must ask this last question; you all are like boys in your twenties, not men over 40. What keeps you young?”

All of the men laughed.

“Well ma’am,” Anthony started but Peter’s cell phone interrupted him; it was a text from Jasmine.

“I’m sorry, Shannon, but we’ll need to continue this some other time; we have a family emergency.” Peter led the three men out of the room where Anthony said.

“She has no clue what we do behind the scenes.”

“No clue.” Reed replied.

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