Here we are at DAY 1 of Preparing to be the Queen. Please read all the way through to get the free gift option!!!

Ladies, this is your day. This is your time. This is your understanding to get ready for your king. When you know that you need to get ready, you are in a spiritual understanding that you are or MAY BE lacking in certain areas. So today is prepare for anything.

What is anything? 

Anything is actually everything. You can’t start your day if you don’t get things in order. Anything can happen, which means everything can happen; accidents, job loss, happy moments, miracles, deaths, etc. In preparing you have to know you may face any of these things.

I must say that today, that was me. This morning was the morning from hell but it got better; why? I followed through on the list below, and I knew that God had everything under control. People may not like the decision I made, but I’m always in prayer mode.

So, how do you prepare for anything?

You start with a few essentials that will take you from dream state to working your day. How you start your day is very vital to how you end your day.

  • Prayer/read your Bible
  • Journal
  • Great breakfast (healthy is optional but essential); include coffee/warm water with lemon/room temp water
  • Exercise

If you aren’t married pick up Behind the Veil: Preparation for Marriage Journal; this will help you in your prayer time and to journal. If you are married you will find other journals on this page just for you!

If you haven’t liked the Blessed, Anointed and Destined Health, do that today. You will find I talk about getting your life right with healthy eating and living with essential oils. I also talk about getting some daily exercise in; you must do something or you’ll always do nothing. Walk around the block, some squats or crunches.

How does this help you in preparing to be Queen? 

When you realize who you are, you find that there is a lot about you for your king that he won’t want to lose. You will find that the more you lean on God in knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, your worth stands out and your king desires to get to know that much more ABOUT YOU. Even if you’ve been married for years rekindling the love in yourself will rekindle the love in your marriage.

Thanks for being part of day 1 of Preparing the Queen.


I like giving away gifts and services. This is a 21 day challenge, devotional, series, etc. You can read and leave, but if you really want more from Coach Dana, Minister Dana, Author Dana etc, email me at and say I’M IN with full name, mailing address, contact number and if you’re married or not. Once I receive that email I will send you a 30 day prayer journal for B.A.D. QUEENS. Invite a friend to join with you and I will enter you to win this handbag:

SB2032tn $40 value from C.K.Q Gifts.

I’m glad you’re here; we can do this together!

God bless!


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