Welcome to Day 2 of Preparing the Queen: Loving you! Read until the end to find out about free gifts, and loving on you options from various businesses for women. 

Loving you takes more than saying I love you; it takes doing the things in your life that shows YOU that you love you. When you know that God is the author and finisher of your faith, you realize that no matter where you are in life each and everyday is a reminder of His love. Praise Him for that love by doing a few things to the inside and outside of YOUR body.

Choices on Loving you.

Yesterday we talked about prayer, exercise and healthy eating. What I want you to know is that these things won’t change over our 21 days and beyond. Prayer is always essential. I want you to add these things below to keep going and creating a loving environment even if you are all alone.

Read the Book of Esther and how she was being prepared and became queen.

Read the book of James to find out about your Christian walk.

Purpose in your schedule to get a weekly massage. The release from a massage helps you to get through your week. Sign up for groupon to get discounts on businesses in your area.

Once a month purchase something for yourself that will enhance your beauty on the outside. I’m addicted to Jamberry Nail Wraps and Origami. Create your own nail wraps and jewelry that is specific to YOU.

Create a small vision board or book about what you like about you and what you want differently for your life. We’ll talk more about this in later days over this series. 

Take yourself on a date. We’ll talk more about date options on day 4. 

Ladies, when you consider being preparing to be queen realize this one perfect note: YOU ALREADY ARE A QUEEN; YOU NEED TO RECOGNIZE THAT SHE MUST COME OUT!


I like giving away gifts and services. This is a 21 day challenge, devotional, series, etc. You can read and leave, but if you really want more from Coach Dana, Minister Dana, Author Dana etc, email me at baddneal@gmail.com and say I’M IN with full name, mailing address, contact number and if you’re married or not. You still have time. Once I receive that email I will send you a 30 day prayer journal for B.A.D. QUEENS. Invite a friend to join with you and I will enter you to win this handbag:

SB2032tn $40 value from C.K.Q Gifts.

I’m glad you’re here; we can do this together!

God bless!

B.A.D. Queens of the Round-Table


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