Ladies, we are at Day 5. This is going to be a struggle for us all as we prepare to be Queens in our marriages or preparing to be Queens for our future Kings. I never under estimate who we are daily, just that we need fine tuning or the mind to obtain the knowledge necessary for a happy life. My question to you today is what happens in the Secret Room?

What is the Secret Room?

In order to understand how to answer the question you must know what the room is; it’s your prayer closet. The time you take to talk with the Lord without interruption just to converse and hear. Your secret room could actually be a closet, or the shower, the basement even, or anywhere you can get time alone for you and your Father in Heaven.

Let’s look at the question again: what happens in your secret room? How deep, yes deep, are your prayers for your marriage, your family, your present or future king? What are you asking God to change in YOU for better US?

What’s the trick? 

The trick in praying is putting him ahead of you.

The trick is being honest and repenting.

The trick is to ask God to change anything about you that isn’t of HIM.

The trick is to know you can be the proverbs 31 woman but don’t’ assume that you already are.

Get in your secret room and bombard heaven for your king and your marriage. Think about WHO GOD IS, and KNOW WHOM YOU WANT TO BE FOR YOUR HUSBAND.

God bless


I like giving away gifts and services. This is a 21 day challenge, devotional, series, etc. You can read and leave, but if you really want more from Coach Dana, Minister Dana, Author Dana etc, email me at and say I’M IN with full name, mailing address, contact number and if you’re married or not. You still have time. Once I receive that email I will send you a 30 day prayer journal for B.A.D. QUEENS. Invite a friend to join with you and I will enter you to win this handbag:



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