The Bible says:

Ephesians 5:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

I have been in a position of helping Queens see their true potential for 10 posts thus far; I really think that we must understand who we are as wives to take our place as queens.

In part 6 of the Damia Willis series that will be released in January, Damia goes through a coronation as Queen. The magnitude of the ceremony and the acceptance as a royal is more about the spiritual connotation, not the worldly. Read below how they reverence Damia as queen and her duties as as ‘queen wife’

Damia Lovell, you are the help meet to your king as God has set forth for the wife. You are the leader of this ministry with your husband. As Queen, you see the value and wisdom in your husband, the King, which God has given him. You revere your King in your house, in public and in prayer. You are like Candace; the Ethiopian Queen mentioned in the book of Acts, and the Queen of Sheba with the spiritual riches and wealth as well as natural riches and wealth. You are set forth Damia as Queen; the Lord’s chosen for this position and more.

As women of God, and wives of ONE HUSBAND, we are submissive to them as they are submissive to the Father. We can’t change who they are and whom they aren’t by what we say, but more so, by what we do.

I encourage you as you go forth in your preparation, that you remember the LORD and what HIS directive is for you: SUBMIT.


God bless.



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