Previously, we have talked about taking yourself on a date. We’ve talked about self worth, but how in-depth is that for you in preparation for being queen? Going to the movies in a dark theater allows you to hide, but never live. Who knows you’re there? You and the Lord.

How do you love you? 

Look at the picture I have placed of me above; I have different variations of me as you can see. It took me a year to accept my natural ‘fro’, but it also took me some time accept my grey color. At 44 years of age, I’m almost fully grey. I know its wisdom but none the less, I love me! How? I love what I have become from where I’ve been and where I am now to where I’m going. In finding the right way to love you, you have to say I’m good with me no matter what others think.

Queens should care less!

Queens, that are aware they are queens, don’t let people get under their skin or worry about others. Queens walk with a certain level of positiveness that they command a room before they even enter a room. You must be that queen.


Love yourself by finding who you were, to realized who you  now are; when your king shows up WOW..fireworks!


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